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KDDI to pay damages to millions of users after network outage


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If a customer was signed up for a monthly calls-only plan for 1,265 yen and was unable to use their phone for two days, they would be qualified for 80 yen in damages, by way of simple calculation.

To the average user this is meaningless! You want to "apologize" give everyone who uses your cell services a month free!

That's the least you can do for all the headaches you caused!

For users that do not qualify for damages, KDDI is considering compensating them with an "apology."

As meaningless as the piece of paper it will be written on!

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Yeah, each subscriber will get a ¥10 deduction on their next bill

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Yeah, each subscriber will get a ¥10 deduction on their next bill

Ora a 500 yen coupon towards one of its sponsors.

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T’was not a network outage. Russia hacked them. Tell the truth!

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Any evidence of Russian hacking?

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Shoulda went SoftBank, that’ll teach ya’

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I wonder, How much Microsoft is going to pay, since MS teams went down?

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Screw up big time and then penny pinch while compensating customers. KDDI is giving lessons on how not to do crisis management.

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For users that do not qualify for damages, KDDI is considering compensating them with an "apology."

Lucky KDDi, they are operating in the land that the big corps can do as they wish and go scot free

or pretentious advisory from the ministry.

Owe KDDI 80 yen and see how they will flood you mailbox with reminders to pay and threats of taking you

to court.

The mobile carrier is also planning to submit an accident report to the regulator, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, next week, detailing the causes behind the disruption as well as measures to prevent a similar incident from occurring again.

In the case of Mizuho bank, we know how effective the reports have been in prevent incidents re-occurring.

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Eastman: "question-how much they will compensate me?"

I think they will offer you a whopping ¥500. AND an apology! And you will have to stay home to receive a ¥500 coin from the post office as it'll be registered mail.

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30 million customers @ ¥5,000 would be ¥150 billion.

Probably, any payment will be points on AU Pay.

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Compensating them with an apology

An apology isn't compensation

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Too many customers and not enough hardware updates.

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KDDI, the big bad money maker… they forget to claim insurance to cover their screw ups? Now the customer's gotta cover for em, on top of making the monthly bill? Apologies considered? Why not join the Looters? 80 yens… won't even put salt on the wound Tanaka!

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Customers should show their displeasure by leaving.

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Yep... there's alot of conspiracy theories flying around about communication systems in multiple countries getting disconnected without explanation and the massive amount of lightning strikes causing forest fires in many countries .

Alaska alone had 40,000 lightning strikes in a 4 day period in July.

So i presume its all coincidentally ? ? ?

Conspiracy...iam too busy to worry about that !

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I should compensate them by telling them to go take a hike

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For users that do not qualify for damages, KDDI is considering compensating them with an "apology."

This seems terribly naive now that it is very easy for users to change providers and the competition gives a lot of advantages for people that change companies to them.

They may be betting on people not to take the trouble of making new contracts, but that seems a huge underestimation of the anger a lot of their costumers felt for the unjustified disruption.

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Was anyone fired ?

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And an "apology" .... well, this is Japan....

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