Kellogg loses UK fight to block ban on sugary cereal promos


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Good! Cereal is a terrible food, most people don't know the history of cornflakes

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Kelloggs counter argument was WEAK. The majority of cereals should be treated like a dessert, not a healthy breakfast.

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Kelloggs should introduce a new sugary cereal called "Bojos", and maybe another called "Cuckoo Pops" with pictures of Bojo's cabinet on the box. They don't go snap, crackle or pop, they just lay in the bowl and bang! Crunchy Nut Clusters sounds a lot like a description of the Tories today.

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restricting the promotion of foods high in fat, sugar or salt.

that covers the main global food exports from US. That McDonalds and Coke use their enormous power to keep promoting their poison says that’s it’s only about money.

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Don't tax the food.....

Tax the obese or at least make them pay a premium for weight related healthcare.

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Good ol' US free market capitalist attitudes laid bare and exposed...anything done in the name of corporate profits, even if it's at the expense of people's health and well-being.

Good on the UK legal system for taking measures to protect their children. We all know obesity/over consumption of sugar is a big problem in the states.

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A pathetic attempt to maintain profits from selling sugar to children. They are little better than drug dealers.

Corporate profits first and only and be damned to any moral considerations!

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Is Sugerllogg the 21st century Nick O Teen......where is superman.

1982 Superman & Nick O Teen Stop Smoking Advert

Step back from that Honey Monster Puff.

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Government manipulation in this manner doesn't work. The people who think it will do not budget for, buy or consume food in the way that the (less well off) people they are targeting do.

They tried it with a minimum price for alcohol, so it generally cost more. People drank the same but spent less on food.

If you don't allow discounts on the processed food people like and regularly buy, they will keep buying it, but buy less fruit and veg, as they have less cash.

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Excellent news. Kellog’s has not only been getting away with harming children’s physical health but now they are after their mental health as well. Hopefully, this will also be addressed by the courts.

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