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Kewpie starts manufacturing and sale of seasonings in Indonesia


Kewpie Indonesia, a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corp and the Kewpie Group, on Monday began selling mayonnaise, dressings and other seasonings in Indonesia.

Mitsubishi Corp, which acquired a 40% stake in Kewpie Indonesia in November 2013, has since been working with the Kewpie Group to commence actual sales, including the completion and opening of the Kewpie Indonesia factory in the city of Bekasi in West Java in June 2014. A range of products including three kinds of commercial mayonnaise, five kinds of dressing and three kinds of cooking sauce will be launched on Monday.

Kewpie Indonesia is initially targeting food service industry customers such as hotels, restaurants and bakeries among which demand for these products is rapidly growing due to an expanding Indonesian middle class, which has given rise to the Westernization of food consumption patterns and a greater tendency among the population to eat out.

Kewpie Indonesia said it will seek to promote greater consumption of salads, and develop new menus based on popular local dishes such as ayam goreng (Indonesian-styled deep-fried chicken), thereby contributing to the expansion of culinary offerings in Indonesia.

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Tried the Mayonnaise today for the first time (It's available on Amazon.com). Not bad but VERY, VERY vinagery compared to the western offerings. jccampb

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Japanese Mayonnaise has better taste than Western Mayonnaise because Western style is too sweet. If I make Chicken Sandwich and then I use both Kewpie Mayonnaise and Kraft Mayonnaise mix in same amount. It's better taste than Kraft Mayonnaise alone. Kewpie Mayonnaise is best for Vegetables, Tempura and Sushi. Western Mayonnaise is too sweet. Try Kewpie Mayonnaise. I thought it's best Japanese style Mayonnaise from Japan.

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Japanese mayonnaise is the best.

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