KFC Japan chief buys Col Sanders' suit at auction


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Looks too large for him, he should of had one made for him.

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who is Sanders?**

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The mannequin's body makes the picture for me. I mean, who knew Colonel Sanders liked to wear low-riders?

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It's all just stuff but I cant believe that he was able to get it for such a cheap price. KFC is an international brand and an addiction in so many countries. you'd figure there would be others competing for the stuff.

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Colonel Watanabe - I like it.

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“Every child in Japan knows Colonel Sanders’ face and his uniform,”

hardly. the glory days for KFC are over, everyone is doing fried chicken these days.

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hardly. the glory days for KFC are over, everyone is doing fried chicken these days.

You know there is a difference between knowing about something or someone and purchasing their product.

Just within the past couple of months one of Beat Takeshi's TV shows, "Unbelievable" did quite a long story about Sander's and his rise to fame an fortune. I'd agree with the guy's statement about 'Every child in Japan knows Colonel Sander's face and uniform" too, with all the advertising that KFC does on TV here it's kind of hard to miss it!

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