Kirin purchase of Brazilian brewer meets opposition on both sides of Pacific


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Cool! Now Kirin will get us wasted on both sides of the Pacific??

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Interesting. I think this is a very very good buy if it goes smoothly.

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Schincariol minority shareholders have vowed to block the sale in an apparent family feud over the fate of the company

If you did not want to risk the company, why did you incorporate? The rules are always good enough in good times, but in bad, people suddenly don't want to play by them anymore. Sorry, rides over. Get off and step aside.

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who wants Kirin in Brasil anyway.

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Apply termination clause and save Nikkei 225

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These minority shareholders are just trying to play the tough guys to get more money from Kirin for theirs stakes. The company is known as a tax raven, in debt trouble and their branding is not stronger. Their beer are cheap, but tastes horribly.

Kirin will have lots of work to stablish themselves in Brazil and South America, because most of the traditional brands in Brazil, Argentina and Peru are in the InBev hands. Other market, as Colombia, are almost monopolized by SAB Miller.

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who wants Kirin in Brasil anyway.

I'm a brazilian and I want it. The market is almost monopolized by the InBev Anheuser-Bush and some stronger competition is welcome. But I hope Kirin bring their lineup, because the schincariol is horrible.

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This always happens when foreign take overs occur in ANY country, silly national pride and ego gets the better of them due to a foreign entity buying a national icon.. considering that there is 1.3 million Japanese in Brazil, the largest amount of Japanese outside of Japan

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You Brazilians don't need Kirin Beer - it's awful stuff. You may like the Chu-hi - but just stay away from the Japan-brewed Kirin beer...

there is 1.3 million Japanese in Brazil, the largest amount of Japanese outside of Japan

There are 1.3 million Brazilians of some Japanese origin there. They are not Japanese. That's like saying there are 15 million British in Australia!

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The acquisition has very little to do with selling more Kirin beer.

Kirin owns Tooheys, SAB, Swan, Castlemaine. And yet Australia isn't exactly swamped by Kirin is it?

It's the distribution network that's important.

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