Kobe Steel discloses 9 more cases of faked inspection data


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"We are conducting a thorough analysis of the problem. The analysis will be key," he said.

The board openly discussed the problems, for how long only lord knows when, and you expect people to trust YOU and your internal analysis?

If anyone in the business actually believes you, I want some of what you are feeding them too!

Kawasaki at times appeared close to tears while explaining how it was that the company had chosen not to disclose some of the cases that had been discovered much earlier and discussed at past board meetings.

I guess the acting lessons you took didn't go far enough, you are supposed to drop a few tears to make yourself more believable!

Only feeling sorry too because you got caught. Plain and simple!

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You've ruined foreign competition in Japan, face the hard truth of lying!! Even the Keiretsu system (best business model) was not enough to prevent you guys from fakely improving standards!

That's akward! And very dishonest to international trade and collaboration.

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What a cliche

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Yeah, and the "punishment" these guys will get is a golden parachute and a high-paying amakudari job if they retire. That's it.

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Guess "Made in Japan" means rushed and faked products that are actually not as good as their counterparts in other countries. It's a shame they have destroyed a once excellent name for the sake of corporate greed.

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"I apologize again for the tremendous trouble that we have caused to our customers and consumers," 

Well, that's alright then. As long as he apologised. Why isn't he in jail the company closed? From the long and ever-growing list of Japanese corporations who have deliberately used fraudulent data for monetary gain or worked their staff to their death, very few have faced criminal charges and/or served jail time. DENTSU got fined a measly ¥500,000 (5 grand) for abusing their staff to death and deliberately breeching the overtime limit law. There were no criminal charges laid against TAKATA Airbags in Japan either, even though they deliberately continued to manufacture faulty airbags for over a decade sparking the biggest vehicle recall in history that will take decades to clear up. And, what about TEPCO? Oh, TEPCO! There are a few civil suits for compensation, but only the CEO was investigated. However, he conveniently died before his trial. Japan Inc. is a flipping joke!

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Disillusioned: Bang on, and you've only touched the recent and tip of the iceberg. It's rooted in society, and that's why nothing will ever be done about it. Imagine corrupt politicians launching a third party investigation and prosecuting -- it would mean they are next. Look at the people defending the practice on yesterday's thread, saying, "The people are not to blame; that is the way they've been brought up. They cannot be called cowards for doing nothing," etc. It's THAT kind of thinking that deflects any and all blame and keeps it happening again and again.

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Well he bowed deeply in front of a hoard of photographers so all is going to be forgiven and forgotten as always!

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The scandal over product inspections data faked by Japanese materials and machinery giant Kobe Steel expanded Friday to include products shipped to more than 500 customers.

It's time to take the gloves off, call a spade a spade and call this what it is.

It's inappropriate.

There, I've said it.

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TEPCO said in a statement that a Kobe Steel subsidiary, Shinko Metal Products Co., informed it the product came with inappropriate measurement data.

There is no concern over safety because the duct was bought as a backup and was not used.

TEPCO obviously do not have a clue of what a backup means and should not be allowed to resume operations. Let's see them explain that when a piece of critical equipment fails, and the so-called back-up breaks down five minutes later.

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Now that US companies are involved, expect the law suits to come rolling in. That will be the end of Kobe Steel, and the US lawyers will be richer than ever.

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The question for me is still, were the products themselves sub par and fudged, or were the checks on them fudged? This is all reminiscent of the Korean NPPs scandal, and the safety checks that they were accustomed to bypassing over at Boeing.

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They knew about it and covered it up! Why is this guy not arrested yet? Hundred of thousands of products could be affected!

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Japan's mantra of "we are expensive because quality is so high" is sounding more like "we are just expensive" now.

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Toshiba, Takata now Kobe Steel - anyone else see a pattern emerging in Japan as the "Old Boys" network starts to retire - Guessing we at going to hear a few more major Corporate Scandals in the years to come.

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Yeah, and the "punishment" these guys will get is a golden parachute and a high-paying amakudari job if they retire. That's it.

Do you know what amakudari means?These guys are not government officials. There will be no golden parachutes.

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"The people are not to blame; that is the way they've been brought up. They cannot be called cowards for doing nothing," etc

It starts with simple metal products then ends up with humans.

I have tried in Japan to explain that criticizing people if need to through justified and adapted words is sometimes necessary to protect quality of services and products. Because that is the principle of third-party verification, hardly no colleague there was able to show this needed competence. Especially in the nuclear say the least, confidentiality oblige.

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Sorry you were caught! If you were really sorry you couldn't cover it up.

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Andrew: you forgot the Mitsubishi and Olympus scandals... Old boys just lie and cheat everyone.

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Execs at Kobe Steel would probably love to do a tell all about how many other companies in Japan fabricate data in order to get contracts.... but of course.... that is just not done. Japan's reputation as an honest and law abiding country is starting to crumble as I knew it would at some time. Just scratch the surface... almost anywhere in Japan, and you'll find some very odd goings on. I know... I sound like some bitter foreigner, that is "Japan Bashing", but if everyone takes that attitude, then really, when will things actually be properly investigated and fixed.

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Kawasaki said he did not expect any product recalls due to the misconduct

OH! really ? he may not expect and recalls, but doesn't he think that his customers might be asking for,

1: An explanation

2: Refunds

3: Possible law suits because his company potentially has endangered lives?

4: Return of tonnes of incorrect/flawed steel copper etc

I think this should be investigated by an independent company possibly from out side Japan, to look into the irregularities of Kobe steel, this investigation should not be held by some of his cronies because once again things could be manipulated

whilst the focus has been on Kawasaki san my thoughts go to the workers at these steel plants, once proud men and woman who worked at these plants, these loyal workers working in a hostile and dirty environment, are

1: Possibility of being made redundant

2: Getting a load of abuse from other members of the public,

IF Kobe steel goes to the wall and closes, has kawasaki san realised that he not only affects his workers and there families, but all of the service industries that rely on them, this or his actions can have deep affects on a lot of people. I would like to suggest that he gets a load of steel and then makes a company Tanto, In time honoured tradition the directors who were involved in the mess should all use it.

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quercetem: "These guys are not government officials. There will be no golden parachutes."

What are you talking about? You not here about what Shimizu got after TEPCO? That's just one example.

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@smithinjapan: I actually didn't know and googled it... all I can say is wow they boys protect themselves.

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