Korean Air Lines to suspend flights between Busan and Sapporo


Korean Air Lines will suspend its flights between the South Korean city of Busan and Japan's Sapporo from Sept3 because of falling demand amid a worsening diplomatic and economic row between the two neighbors.

Last month, Japan tightened controls of exports of high-tech materials to South Korea, in apparent retaliation for a South Korean court ruling over wartime forced labour. Such disputes have prompted a widespread boycott of Japanese products and services, from beer to clothes and travel in South Korea.

Korean Air, South Korea's top carrier, is also considering cutting the number of flights between the two countries or shifting to smaller aircraft from mid-August, a spokesman said.

Koreans were the second-biggest travelers to Japan only after China, accounting for 24.2% of visits last year, according to data from Japan National Tourism Organisation.

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But where will Korean YouTube 'celebrities' buy their tickets to Japan to rip up??

Bonus, this means 24.2% less tourists to deal with during my next visit!

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extankerToday  06:49 am JST

But where will Korean YouTube 'celebrities' buy their tickets to Japan to rip up??

Not from Korean Air, that's for sure.

That 'ticket ripping up' stunt was avery good example of cringeworthy youtube attempts to get views.

Not only did the Korean youtubers fail to grasp the negative image they cast for themselves by doing so, they also look naive, infantile even, in their attempt to be political.

If they only realised that they are supporting a doomed effort by the South Korean government to obtain global support from further afield than Asia. Doomed in that very very quickly those nations not involved will look past the victimhood and see that the South Korean government has acted in a hostile manner all along, depsite Japan's repeated efforts to placate and support them.

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