Labor turmoil sweeps Australia as inflation stirs 'spirit of anger'

By Byron Kaye and Sonali Paul

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Worker unrest is in many nations thanks to covid disruptions, supply chain disruptions, war in Ukraine disrupting food supplies around the world, high inflation and low or non existent wage growth to keep up.

Most ordinary citizens have gripes of one thing or another, no matter what nation you live in.

The world gets harder to live in the more unrest occurs. Climate disasters add to that.

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Those on low pay deserve the highest raises. Unless the company is banking too much profit, those on high pay (and that includes A$200k) should expect to lose some wages in real terms to support those who are more vulnerable in a recession. Companies can raise pay and prices until they can no longer make a profit, but should then shut down before they accrue debts. If your company model is no longer viable, do something else with your cash. Expect to see things like coffee shops, pubs, eateries and high street retail vanish over the next decade. Theatres and cinemas may also go. If you didn't like globalisation and a low tax society, you have your wish. Not sure you will enjoy it.

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Question :

Union's are pretty much run by Ultra Left wingers fighting against the Corporations, and ultimately curtail employment in areas that should have employment. And when Corporations quit, former Employees have what support left - the Union leadership, who've run off elsewhere ?

Fact or Fiction ... ?

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