Land prices in Japan fall at slowest pace in 5 years in 2012


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Still too expensive! Also, look for housing sales to plummet after the sales tax hike.

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Interest rates have crept up a bit the last few months too, but they will plummit again as soon as people get bored of Abenomics. I still don't understand why couples waste all their money on buying new houses though, they are they only reason the housing market hasn't completely collapsed. The population is dropping, salaries are dropping, employment is dropping, there shouldn't be any demand for new houses.

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Just an average. In the biggest cities or around, price won't be falling much any time soon. Shrinking population, yes, but more people concentrate in cities.

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land prices continue to fall, will Abenomics "reinforcement" work? yes, massive liquidity surge may help a little for a while.

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Abenomics in it's simplest form is about pushing people into taking up loans which would encourage spending and create momentum in the economy. Housing will drop outside the bigger cities, maintain in the larger cities. Real income will not be increasing for the average Japanese person, in fact it's about to get tighter.

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Free falling, free falling.

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Buy right and its still way more cost effective than renting, and atleast you'll have something once the mortage is paid off where as renting there is absolutely no chance of a return.

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buying a new house is just a pit for your money to throw in. I bought a used designer house (Sekusui House) with land. 13yrs old excellent earthquake resistance (steel structure) It was a bankrupt owner estate and the bank was trying to offload the bad loan. unfortunately the previous owner had 6 dogs and the interior was very dirty smelled like a kennel. everybody was turned off by it. 52million yen brand new got it for a steal 19million refurbished the interior for 2million (wifes cousin is a carpenter) now got excellent condition rear, almost brand new interior home for 21million yen. also of note if the home market value is now around 25-28million so the previous owner would still have lost around 25million yen over the 13yrs. thats not an investment that stupidity. funny thing is our neighbor has an almost identical home made and sold by the same company around the same time and his loan repayments would almost be triple what we pay. can see the disgust in his eyes every time he says konichiwa.

thanks has an almost identical

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