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Lawson to begin food waste recycling


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Good effort, but I think they could also just order less food for selling. People just need to suck it up if the onigiris and bentos run out. They are horrible for you anyway.

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Totally agree with smithinjapan. They might also want to reflect further on the Unsustainable and unhealthy convenience food culture they helped spread throughout Japan.

No point in doing a good thing if it's directed towards perpetuating something negative.

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Good on them. Lots of garbage to recycle. Lots of stale, tired and out of date product.

I do mean Lawson, btw. ..

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Lawson is left standing by the Competition from 7-11, they need to think more towards their future than trying to be seen as hip & trendy.

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Lawson, which will introduce the system in the current business year through next March, already has a similar recycling program in western Japan

So in other words, this news is not really news.

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Bentos and onigiris do actually taste quite good but when you read the long list of ingredients and realize that's how they make them taste good. You wouldn't think there would need to much in a rice ball other than rice, seaweed, a bit of salmon or tuna (for example) and some salt but.......the list is long!

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