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Lawson to close 85 stores nationwide over New Year holidays


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They could close them permanently in some areas and they'd not be missed due to the oversaturation if conbinis.

Rural areas is where this will hurt, often the only store for miles.

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As a basic thermometer of the economy, that's not good news.

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Not really essential to keep

stores open everywhere and at all times...

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Good. It's good that things are closed for the New Year's Holiday. I just hope the staff will get paid. (Though sadly I doubt they will).

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85 from 14503 stores makes some 0.59% if i am not wrong...?

its worth to mention in headline?

i could get if half of stores closed but...?any ideas?

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All should be closed.

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I heard from an American friend that there is talk of closing all stores from the 1st to the 2nd the way it used to be when I came here years back. I support this, stores are not open in N. America on Christmas day, and so, for the Japanese New Year's is their Christmas day why not.

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