Lawson to open no-checkout store on trial basis in 2020


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will have sensors for monitoring smartphones and a facial recognition

No thanks. Are people really okay with Lawson "monitoring" your smartphone? Or perhaps I'm too old to understand today's technology?

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A trial of a similar no-checkout store failed in the uk.

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Why complicate things with this excessive technology? Just have smaller stores that are only self-register equipped and have people scan their own items.

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Technology is what will save Japan when the population numbers keep going down over the years.

So a step in the right direction.

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I like the idea, we are tracked where ever we go, so not a prob there

It'll make life easier for many,and who wants to work in a conbini anyhow?

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They’ve had self-checkout supermarkets in other countries for decades and they work well. I don’t understand why it becomes such a huge issue for Lawson (or any other store in Japan) to introduce them.

I think their goal of having a totally staff-free shop with robots cooking and restocking shelves is quite ambitious and ambiguous. If a shop has no staff, it has minimal overheads and their goods must be cheaper.

minimize staff, yes! Eliminate staff, no!

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MMMMMMM, any human call this action hrlp for the japanese economy ???.

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Self checkout can exist without the facial recognition and stuff. Its called vending machines.

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Each store could have aisles of vending machines that they buy from. No cashier needed. No high tech (other than vending) needed.

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I always use the checkouts in London and refuse to use self service tills. A) Why should I do the job myself and B) by using the tills, I'm helping to keep someone in a job. There's no way I'm going to help a stonkingly rich company lay off more staff just so they can make a bit more profit.

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London Boy:

You could shop at a non-franchise locally owned shop if you don't want your money going to those rich companies.

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