Lawson to raise base pay for first time in 12 years


Convenience store operator Lawson says it plans to raise employees’ base salary for the first time in 12 years.

As a result of the labor management negotiations, Lawson decided to raise the monthly salary by 3,000 yen on average, which is equivalent to 1% of an employee's current pay, Sankei Shimbun reported Monday.

Lawson said it will also continue to provide special bonuses to support child-care for women employees in their 20s to 40s. The policy was implemented last year.

Lawson said its decision is in line with the government’s expectation that increased consumption will revitalize the economy.

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What people don't understand is once the wages adjust up so does the cost of other goods, so who's winning the large corporations and the government who loses the workers. In their mind they THINK they are making more wages but on the other hand they have to pay more taxes because of increased wages and pay more for the cost of other items. Its a sucker deal! Obama and Abe is like peanut butter and Jelly stickkky ickkie ickie!

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So now the bottom is starting to rise too, although not enough it is a start.

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On average =/= same increase for everyone.

Also is around 19 yen/hr, assuming 4 weeks a month and 40 hours on avg. Obviously for part-timers this will have a greater effect. Base pay is monthly as stated by article, and excludes bonuses.

The point is not the amount, but the fact that they increased the base pay - therefore, other companies will be pressured to do the same thing, and you'll see sort of an increasing spiral effect for wages as they try and find the equilibrium point.

Absolute terms are important, but it's also important to read the article carefully and realize that American standards don't necessarily apply to Japan.

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Wow, a 1% base-up raise. With everything becoming 3% more expensive, that means with the corresponding increase in income tax and other taxes the workers will still be about 3% poorer. Thanks Abe!

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Isn't that around 8 yen extra per hour ? Sounds stupid doesn't it. Japan's minimum wage along with the USA is the lowest in the civilised world. Australia, France and New Zealand are at the top. At least prices of everything in the USA are far cheaper than goods in Japan. I guess young men in Japan on minimum wages will still have to live with mummy and daddy.

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3,000 yen will revitalize j-economy (?) it will not offset 3% tax hike even.

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I believe the base pay refers to the basic monthly salary.

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base pay by 3,000 yen on average

I do not know what you are referring to a base pay. Is it per hour?

BTW, Obama has just SUGGESTED a minimum wage to $10.10/hr for all government contracting employees.

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I take it Lawson's executive staff have also gone 12 years with out a pay rise. What's that you say? I'm being silly?

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