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Less than 1% of top-listed firms on Tokyo bourse led by women


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Not only male but you need old male to become Japanese company execs..


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"Companies that don't have diverse decision-makers will not be able to innovate or meet the various demands of their customers," Yamaguchi said.

How about highly intelligent and innovative decision-makers---that's the diversity that helps companies succeed,

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The ceiling is plate glass.

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And where’s the problem or the difference to a 50-50 quota? Of course we all envy them too. Because those 1% are more successful and richer than 99.99% of all women and 99.98% of all men. In other words, as long as it’s not me in that position you can have or demand any percentage between 0 and 100 and I don’t care at all because not affected.

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A quick look at those statistics is a pretty strong indicator that companies led by woman in Japan do not make the top-tier?

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This is an outrage. Employment in top exec posts should be divided perfectly equally between men and women. And so should every kind of employment...construction, waste collection, military, security, law enforcement, firefighting, etc. Japanese women are desperate for equality in all fields.

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Bank of America Japan is not listed as it is the subsidiary of a US listed bank, but its top 3 positions are all held currently by women.

I know it’s far from enough and I am not trying to make any excuses.

Perhaps there’s a glimmer of light at the end of a long long tunnel?

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