Nintendo announces plans for museum in Kyoto Prefecture


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Great, that’s all Kyoto needs, more tourist traps. The locals will be happy about that! Ha!

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Cool. So they're already thinking of MORE reasons to bring MORE tourists to Kyoto following the pandemic. So much for using this opportunity to pause and to re-think the direction of tourism post-Covid, as many other countries are.

Instead, in Japan, unfettered capitalism will go on as per usual and the plan is to bring back overtourism with a vengeance by building yet another theme park.

Another monstrosity is not a sustainable solution. I am not looking forward to life in Kyoto post pandemic. Oh, how we forget so quickly.

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It is a theme park and shop under the disguise of museum for tax reasons

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In my rush to get out the door, and with the misleading photo, I read it as a theme park. robert maes, you make a good point though. And as the other poster mentioned: yet another tourist trap.

As a society we really should using this opportunity to take stock, pause and re-consider the future of our relationship with this planet. This does not mean going back to the status quo, Japan!

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I think people here are badly misunderstanding the situation.

Nintendo needed to do something. Their main HQ in Kyoto can be best described as having all of the ambience and charm of a hospital, both inside and out. There are absolutely no facilities, shops, or reception areas for the average person. It's a completely closed-off, business-oriented location. But people will see Nintendo on Google Maps, and want to go check it out, only to get turned away at the gate. This will be a welcome distraction for the company, I think.

Additionally, this is not some overwrought, gaudy development. Go look at the rendering on the Nintendo website:

This is not Universal Studios. It's going to be small and almost certainly tastefully done. The factory itself it sitting idle and unused, and isn't even that big of a space. Look up "Nintendo Corp. Uji Ogura Factory" on Google maps; your local super is probably larger than this. I've never been to Ogura station in Uji, and probably neither have you, but if this will help to redevelop the area in a positive way, I'm all for it.

And people, let's face it: barring global catastrophe, Kyoto will be full of tourists until the end of time. Nothing here will change that.

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One more point: the picture accompanying this article [Super Nintendo World at USJ] is an awful choice. The official rendering of the new museum is easily available on Nintendo's own website, for anyone to use! But by showing a picture of the theme park, it's only muddling the conversation. Not helpful or illustrative at all.

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Great !!!.. I'll be there !!..

Like it or not.. lol !!..

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So when's it gonna be pushed to be a World Heritage Site?

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