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Lithuania, Hitachi sign nuclear plant deal


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I wonder how long Hitachi's nuke reactor division can hang on. Will a random deal here and a random deal there be enough? I really wish the J government would spend big on solar and there is good technology here for that.

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Excellent. Does Tepco get a cut?

My electric bill went down 15% last month.

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Oh, great. And just where is Lithuania planning to keep the nuclear waste products for the next 500 million years? Lithuania is such a golden country that they can guarantee their petty bureaucrats will not be cutting corners? Yeah. Good luck with that. Ever looked up at the sun and wondered, "Why not get me some of that?"? Hopeless.

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I wonder how well designed and stable the plant will be? I hope it lasts longer the the Hitachi electronics I purchased in the past! More of the same! Seems an investment of Solar would be a consideration!

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So dangerous, when power can be generated by safe means.

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