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Looking for a refill? McDonald's U.S. is saying goodbye to self-serve soda in coming years


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Let's be honest, they don't like the free refills. How cheap can you get?

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Buying nothing except reffils and seat there for hours, why fast food companies just don't like it.

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I hope Costco don't stop the free refills when you buy the hotdog. We go in the car and sometimes get over excited. Sometimes my barn has 3 refills lol.

I says "why eye pet, you drinken san like it ta new-key brawn al, man"

We need to stop half way home to use the facilities at a conbini. What are we like?

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

Goodbye sales, if I go there, that’s one reason I do.

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The article mentions they will eliminate this by 2032 (that's like in 9 years). Why does it take soooo long?

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This is part of the reason for your health issues, children should be set a good example regarding eating habits and discouraged from drinking that sugar filled menace to society.

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Refill your cup with high sugar and zero nutrition-what could go wrong?

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Putting people on a diet free of charge. Americans should be thankful. They can stop triple-reinforcing the floors in many buildings. You can jump into the pool without causing a tidal wave. Airplanes will use less fuel and need less runway to take off. I'll actually be able to recline my seat without hitting someone's gut. The benefits are endless

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The homeless will hate this because they will not be able to dumpster dive anymore and get any cup and walk into McDonalds and get a free drink! This is the reason McDonalds did not specify sanitation because this was a big problem with its self-serve machines. This will only move the bums to other fast food restaurants which in turn will do the same thing.

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No sugar in McDonald’s soft drinks, only dreadful corn syrup.

The drink costs pennies, but McDonald’s Coke is a special syrup blend in special containers just for them that’s sweeter than anything you get anywhere else.

They probably won’t be able to fit the new 2 liter medium size cup under them. Gotta make people fat because fat people buy more food. Capitalism, baby!

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