Loss-saddled Sony to sell its Tokyo 'birthplace'


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Wow - and they sold their building in NYC too. Didn`t know that.

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That whole area used to be industrial area.. now Yahoo.. everything exploding there...

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Sad actually....

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That's how the world works. Just ask Zenith, Magnavox and a whole host of other companies who were once on top.

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SONY?? The one and only?? Who could have ever imagined that SONY would fall so low after the WALKMAN, HANDY CAM etc...very sad, but I do hope they can reinvent themselves and ASAP!!

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Sony; going soon. Say ' sayonara ' to another Japanese company. More to follow as the economy further hollows out. So, what has Shinzo Abe actually don for the country other than increasing the cost of living for the ordinary wage earners and salaried staff and creating animosity against the country for everything that he and his cronies have done since he became the prime minister?

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When home electronics were in their heyday (now it's mostly a replacement market) Sony farmed out a lot of its production to small subcontractors. So you never really knew who built a product bearing the Sony label. I agree with Nathan, the company coasted on its laurels for decades. It stubbornly clung to the Betamax long after VHS became the industry standard (to name one example). And it let Apple take over its once-commanding share of personal music players.

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This is the end result of sleeping on your products and not progressing their products into a new future. Unfortunately, Samsung and LG are beating them to the punch and Sony will just continue to falter into oblivion.

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So, Sony Dori will have to be renamed?

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Not that uncommon a move.

Many companies like Teac, etc been moving their HQ from Tokyo to Yokohama, Chiba or even Shizuoka where property is cheaper. Been happening for many years now

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There you go. A company that was one mans vision slowly sinking after his demise.

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