Global luxury brands drop Chinese star held for hiring sex workers


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Men with money can pay for their company-the poor cannot…

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Is prostitution illegal in China and are the sex workers also arrested ?

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Cardi B claim she was one of them,it did not hurt her career

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The CCP is officially atheist but in many respects are more prudish than religious people.

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Yes, prostitution is illegal in China. At the same time, it is everywhere, from girls approaching customers on the street, in bars or night clubs, and at massage parlors, especially at hotels. Ironically enough, all the big shots in the government, local offices etc. have at least one young lover; probably legally not considered prostitution.

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Tom San


What exactly is your question about them? And, how would a Korean boy band be relevant to a story about a Chinese movie star?

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All that free bounty out there! Was it a male prostitute?

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All communist regimes espouse puritanical principles to a greater or lesser extent. Although open question if being anti women selling themselves is puritanical or just wanting to show concern and respect for women.....

Yes prostitution is rife in China, as it is in most East Asian countries. Has been since forever.

Difference in China is that CCP wants to avoid a slide into celebrity and (as they see it) debauchery as lodestones for societal development.

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Good looking guy like that shouldn’t need to pay for it.

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Not very surprising in a Communist nation to see a total lack of a moral compass among the citizens - especially the elite.

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I guess when you are in this field of work it really compromises your soul a lot. Money is a huge challenge to morality. Its a pity that among a whole ton of things to do and enjoy himself he has to do only sth like that.

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