Luxury complex Tokyo Midtown Hibiya opens


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Are we gonna have a Midtown in every ward in Tokyo now?

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I don't find it attractive at all. The UFO on the ceiling is supposed to represent a Meiji Era aesthetic?

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Looks a lot like the other Midtowns.

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Pretty bland style, but incredible location and will check out the shops

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'High end brand shops'; pretty low excitement factor.

Oh look, a building in a city that contains everything you can find everywhere else.

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Another monstrosity like Roppongi Hills, Toranomon Hills, and Roppongi Midtown. Limited and expensive parking for visitors, overpriced shops, long waits for elevators at peak times, headaches for delivery and other personnel, and nowhere cheap for staff to eat. Corporates will love the isolation from the real world.

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I was just thinking to myself that Tokyo needs another luxury shopping and entertainment complex

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Wait until Shibuya is finished.

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Yes it does make you wonder how many similar such complexes Tokyo has demand for, but I guess Tokyo is a populous place.

They didn’t build it with my money though, so good luck to them, and their competitors.

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I notice that the building at the lower left corner of the picture is the building that served as General Douglas MacArthur's General Headquarters. What might he have thought. I'll check it out. Still waiting for the Shinjuku Midtown.

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PS I know it does not look like very adventerous architecture, but remember it has to be earthquake proof.

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Good to know we don’t need any kindergartens or things like that.

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Rather head for somewhere more intimate for a shopping, drinking, meeting people experience ... Yanaka, Meguro, Yotsuya ...

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Capitalism run riot. Should be a magnet for the vulgarians and need-to-be-seens but I reckons I shall give it a miss.

Japan is more than this. Much more.

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Do I need to be wearing Armani to be allowed in LOL!!

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Can't they come up with something more adventurous than rounded rectangles.

Harukas in Osaka is the same. It's hella tall but absolutely boring in design.

Whatever happened to Japan's quest for unique and stylish architecture and design??

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Good to know we don’t need any kindergartens or things like that.

Government regulations will dictate the supply of kindergartens and the salaries of staff allowed to man them.

Mitsui Fudosan is not in that business but still there is a good chance I’d say that there is / will be a daycare facility on the premises... but subject to loads of government regulations, and unless you live near Hibiya you’d rather not be commuting your kids there everyday.

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You hit the “missed the point” ball outta the park.

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You hit the “missed the point” ball outta the park.


Really though - you were being sarcastic no?

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Note the lack of seating, narrow mezzonines, and crowding. I find Tokyo's big modern buildings uncomfortable and noisy, places to quickly do your business and shopping and then leave (in state of exhaustion).

In Bangkok, Singapore and Manila, by contrast, I always find air conditioned oasess to work, read and just relax in tranquil surroundings, after shopping or eating at my own pace.

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