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LVMH shakes up leadership at Dior, Louis Vuitton


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If that's not nepotism, I don't know what it is...

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The rich got richer....

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LMVH........I thought it was a new addition to the forever getting longer LGBT letters ! +..........

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From the looks of the picture if you look at Delphine Arnault, and her purse it would make you wonder if she is eating well? Very rich but looks starving!

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Very rich but looks starving!

Look again. I thought the same thing at first then realized there are light blue panels on either side of her dress that sort of disappear in the photo. The shape of those blue panels makes her look thinner than she is. She isn't malnourished, just an effect of the photo.

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It's not the photo but the dress. She is effectively advertising a dress that makes women look thinner. So that will be another few million in the bank then.

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