Mitsubishi Electric unit rigged data on rubber parts used in train cars


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The management is all Japanese so guess a fake apology / bow is good enough again. Carlos just has the wrong birthplace .

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Wait don’t tell me..there was a murky system of checks and balances here too, right?

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So, who's going to jail? LOL

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wow, here we go again...

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Yeah so whos been arrested so far. You know because when gaijin are involved the wheels of justice have a high level of urgency. Meanwhile years later we get a few Japanese suspended sentences. Seriously the double standards in Japan isnt even surprising anymore. Just a FY with a smile and a bow.

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You can bet the shacho is waiting at home to be taken into detention. Not.

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It isn’t improper quality control. They lied, they cheated their customer, they broke laws. Why is Ghosn in prison alone? He should be in their with the Ceo of every major Japanese company.

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O.k. so it's time to ask......

Does anyone there even ONE Japanese company, one, that operates a clean business?

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