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Macau casino scion rolls dice on Japan venture

By Elaine YU

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MGM, Sands,, Wynn had been trying to get permission to operate casinos in Japan for more than ten years and finally got a chance to apply last year. They had to explain detail of Nevada Gaming Control Board regulation. Each spends more than $15 billion to high rise building. The plan of their business may have a casno area but more likely hotels and luxury shopping centers.

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Thank you Lawrence but we will handle things on our own. We know how to organize gambling venues and entertain imbeciles dressed as gamblers. We also have our own mafia to feed.

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This is definitely going to cause issues with the local gangs in Japan.

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I don't think he will receive casino license in Japan. All he says is bragging how he is better than his father. Because Nevada group introduced Nevada Gaming Control Board procedures ,, I am sure Japan dug stories of how Mafias disappeared from Nevada. One problem Nevada group did not realize was tax system. In Nevada, there is no state income tax. No sales tax. Casinos pay large sum of gaming license fees. Years ago,, when asked, a lot cheaper than when Mafias were skimming every day.

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Ho promised an ambitious pitch for the coveted casino licence.

Backhanders for everyone, on me!

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Nevada casinos that invested in Macao all lost their investment.

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I think Japan will either delay licensing or ignore him. He does not have a record of destroying Triad organization.

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