Billions wiped from Macau casino stocks as city eyes gambling review


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All that China touches gets diseased.

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China used to be the place to make a fortune but not any more. Now it is more like the place to lose a fortune.

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Xi is worse than Mao

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@ShinkansenCaboose - not yet... Mao was responsible for millions of chinese lives during the great famine

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Xi is worse than Mao

I’d read a little more about this subject if I were you.

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So the mega rich take a cut in salary? What a tragedy! Boo hoo....

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Not only the mega-rich. A large portion of the Macau population is employed by casinos. When one closes down, a lot of jobs are lost. Not to mention that failed casinos will mean higher taxes for the general public.

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Xi is 'taking back control'. Hong Kong. Macau. Taiwan?

Boris owns the rights to this sort of ideologically-inspired macroeconomic damage, so a licence fee would be welcome.

This is global. Wherever you look, sectors are being taken down, supply chains squeezed and stress-tested with 'accidents' - chip plant fires, blocked canals, broken electricity cables, lockdowns. Once a tipping point is reached, global growth with collapse from an upward spiral to a downward one.

The headless chickens, still happily inflating share prices, are in for a shock. Unfortunately, they prop up the global economy - pensions funds and the like. Expect the biggest recession in history as globalisation is brought to an end, like crashing a supertanker loaded with crude oil into the Great Barrier Reef at top speed.

Now is a time to be careful with your cash. Everything is going to become scarcer and more expensive. Poverty will be the only metric rising. Move somewhere safe, preferable with land to grow food, away from targets like nuclear power stations, government and industry. If you really must invest, invest in the arms trade, because this sort of thing only ever ends one way.

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So the mega rich take a cut in salary? What a tragedy! Boo hoo....

It is more than that. It is becoming apparent that the CCP will not respect private enterprise and will take from them what they wish without any of the due process one finds in representative governments. Business owners will be wary of investing in China fearing the government could seize their property and money on a whim. Up and coming entreprenuers among younger Chinese will go abroad to build their dream business fearing becoming another Jack Ma. This has implications for China's economic growth and future prosperity.

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