Macron sees 'no reason' to alter French stake in Renault

By ludovic MARIN

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Pls wake up , Nissan with saikawa as c.e.o will not improve anything for renault or nissan. Pls change that saikawa management team if u good things for France. Can any company with no moral, no intergrity and no fair play wins the respect of the world ???. Be wise. no change for Renault, ageered but no change of nissan managemet, do not agree.

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LOL, I see nothing, I hear nothing....I do...I'd be wondering if Macron holds the same view if say the Japanese government bought into Nissan.

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Nissan employs a great number of people in their Sunderland plant the Uk, if that plant closed down for whatever reason it would cause a great deal of hardship to thousands of people. We have to look past these politicians and not let this scandal destroy the lives of many

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