Many businesses ask customers, workers in U.S. to waive legal rights if they catch COVID-19


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Do not waive your rights.

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If asked to sign a waver as a customer, I’d tell the establishment I’m taking my business elsewhere. If an employer asked, I’d tell them I’m not signing it, I’ll gladly work from home.

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How typically American.

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Protect your rights! Don’t let those idiots take away your protection!

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I feel so sorry for the poor people who have no choice but to keep their job by signing these waivers - there are so many people looking for work in America right now, those refusing to sign would be easily replaced.

its interesting to see the privilege in the 'I just wouldn't sign' comments though.. What if that's the only job you could get and need to feed yourself?

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Welcome to the US, where you can sue someone over cold

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i don't sign waivers, at least not with my real name or signature.

I've never sued anyone even over property damage when they were at fault and i would have won for the damages. For most lawsuits, only lawyers come out ahead.

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Workers and consumers are being forced to deal with yet another issue during the Trump era, while at the same time Trump and the GOP continue to weaken worker and consumer protection measures.

Call it corporatocracy, authoritarian capitalism, national socialism, whatever. Under Trump's watch the 'elite' are being given further protections to separate and protect themselves from the general population.

With all the virus related lawsuits ahead, many in the legal professions will be able to rake in the big bucks, maybe even big enough to be so rich they'll qualify for Trump's tax breaks.

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Much of American society has collectively given up on trying to contain or even reasonably manage COVID-19, so we're heading into "Cover Your Rear-End" territory now. Some lawsuits were inevitable anyway, but I think there's an element of giving up going here as well.

"We can't stop it, but at least we'll try to not get sued out of business."

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