Many Tokyo firms unprepared for Olympic traffic congestion


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They're just going to wait and pray it all works out, as is often the case here. When the worst happens, they'll just panic and freeze.

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How about the whole town is unprepared.

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Choosing Tokyo to host the Olympics was one of the brightest decisions (I doubt a lot of thought went into it). Of all the places in Japan, Tokyo is already congested to the max. During the rush hour people are already agitated and aggressive on their commutes through the city. Just wait till all those visitors arrive for the Olympics and you won't be able to get on your train.

Businesses not knowing what to do are the least of our worries. I don't even think the government has the slightest idea what they are going to do about it. Funding for an over the city monorail went out the window with those budget cuts. We are going to be in for a fun ride.

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I don’t think any country is ever ready for the congestion that the Olympics brings. Tokyo is already one of the most populated cities in the world and attracts a lot of tourists. Now add an extra 1 million people.

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I’d guess that very few of the spectators will be using cars. However, many of the athletes and their crew will likely be using minibuses. I hope the athletes are able to get to their events.

I teach at a private high school in Tokyo and will be on vacation, thankfully. I’ll be staying well clear of Tokyo in August 2020.

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JR a month or two ago admitted it won't be able to cope. Bus companies have neither the veichals or drivers required. Hotel space is far below what is needed. Infrastructure? Roading is going to be a shimozol, Athletes, Press, Dignitaries, support staff, Olympic deliveries, emergency veichals. Plus the normal daily commuters. All this is scorching, humid heat? So it's no Suprise that companies have no idea what to do. The government obviously didn't. I'm guessing office cots will be supplied to staff, cost deducted from their pay. It's Nobal to suffer for the overlords.

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I don’t think any country is ever ready for the congestion that the Olympics brings. Tokyo is already one of the most populated cities in the world and attracts a lot of tourists. Now add an extra 1 million people.

London was. Things went so smoothly athletes chose to use the Tube to get to and from the Olympic Park. My friend was going home one night and some Chinese medal winners were there, wearing the meals they had won that day.

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I am not looking forward to living and working in Tokyo next summer.

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I can list a dozen or more ways Japan is not prepared

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Come on!

Tokyo has about 15+ millions commuters every day mostly at peak hours. The mere few additional 100 thousands Olympic tourists will move outside of this time.


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Open Minded, relax ? If something happen that hurt Japanese people, would you go jail for your stupidity ?

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Was in London during the Olympics. Unless you were near a venue you would be hard pressed to know it was going on. Most businesses have the good sense not to schedule big meetings during the event.

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In 2020, Tokyo with even more people and furnace like heat is going to be a true hell

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Just remember: you asked for it, Tokyo.

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Public Transport will be hell.

Its already packed during Rush hour(s), and with a whole bunch of Tourists added to that !? I'll probably end up cycling to work... but I guess, the Olympics will be 1 step ahead of me, and be encouraging more Cycle-sharing , so hoards of newbie dangerous cyclists will be out of the streets too :-( Time to buy a Tank and do the Russian thing...

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My employer introduced "work from home" days last year, in preparation for Olympic congestion, and is hoping to ramp up the up-take over the coming year. A nice side benefit for me of the Tokyo hosting the event.

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