Mario mugs, Zelda tote bags as Nintendo opens first store in Japan

By Behrouz MEHRI

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First glance I saw "Mario mugs Zelda"

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Only thing they think of Japanese, trying to sell them something they do not need and cannot afford

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With the 2020 Olympics just around the corner, this is great news and will be huge boost for retail in Tokyo! I can see lines of foreigners stretching hundreds of meters to get into the Nintendo shop to buy all the stock daily!

By the way, I will reveal a little secret : expect several of these characters to feature in the Olympics opening ceremony.

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I just hope most of the products are Made in Japan.

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@ Joe Blow - Nintendo's made in Japan, dont worry!

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Ganbare Japan!: Nintendo's made in Japan, dont worry!

Unfortunately, it's not. This article from a few years ago talks about its products being made and assembled in China, and under not-so-nice conditions:

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Awesome, just in time for the Olympics!

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I think about the only Nintendo thing still makes in Japan is their hanafuda and playing cards. Pretty much everything else has been moved overseas.

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