Mazda adds new features to RX-8


Mazda Motor Corp on Monday launched a revamped four-door, four-seat rotary-powered Mazda RX-8 sports car for the Japanese market.

Standard equipment across the entire RX-8 range has been updated with popular features that provide added comfort and convenience. The updates include rain-sensing windshield wipers and Mazda’s auto-light system (which switches the headlights on automatically according to ambient light conditions). Two additional exterior body colors, silver and gray, reflect the RX-8’s high quality and accentuate its exceptional sports car styling.

Retail prices range from 2.63 million yen to 3.180 million yen.

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Thats cheap!

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should add an ejector seat

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It already has an ejector seat! LOL!

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This is the car I would love to take back home, if I could...

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Foreigners can get a grant from the government for an ejector seat, if they promise not to come back.

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A great car propelled with a great engine. I drove rotary engine cars in the 1970s. Unfortunately the rotary engine still is a bit too thirsty. This 1.3 l wankel uses 20% more gas than my 3.0 l V6. For lovers of a real sports car that however should not be a barrier. It wasn't for me in the 70s when gas was cheap! Here is photo of my old R100:

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Continued. I have now been informed the image has been removed. Very sorry.

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That's cheap! still, a little too girly looking for me.

Give me the EVO!!!


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4 door sports car for Japan; it's a good idea, Mazda's trying their best with what they have to survive!

presto345: I love rotary engines too. that's too bad about the pic.. I would have liked to have seen your R100. My dad use to ride an RX-3... it kicked a##!

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Thats cheap

Like most of the RX series, part aren't cheap. I remember my dad telling a guy who had an RX-7, an exhaust system cost several hundred pounds more than a regular one. The guy fell over aghast at the price.

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