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Mazda launches all-new Axela


Mazda Motor Corp on Thursday launched its all-new Mazda Axela (known overseas as the new Mazda3). Mazda’s mainstay model has been fully redesigned and updated with a host of new features, including the i-stop engine stop/start system.

The second generation Axela arrives with an outstanding interior with greater quality and functionality, and offers advanced environmental and safety features. All 2.0-liter front-wheel-drive (FWD) models are equipped with i-stop, Mazda’s unique engine stop/start system, which uses combustion energy to restart the engine in just 0.35 seconds, about half the time of most other competing systems. The i-stop system also suppresses noise and vibration as the engine shuts down and restarts, ensuring that drivers experience a natural driving feel with no sense of discomfort.

The 2.0-liter FWD Axela with i-stop provides 15% better fuel economy than the previous model. The 1.5-liter Axela models are newly equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). This combination enables a sporty ride and top class fuel economy of 18.4 kilometers per liter. All models in the Axela range qualify as Super-Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (SU-LEV), achieving exhaust emissions that are at least 75% lower than the levels required by the Japanese government’s 2005 exhaust emissions standard. Additionally, six of the nine model grades qualify for Japan’s eco-car incentive program as well as tax reductions of 50 or 75% under the government’s eco-car tax reduction program.

Suggested retail prices (including sales tax) range from 1,660,000 to 2,678,000 yen.

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I can not wait to see that in the states, might be my next car purchase, pending on test drive.

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zoom zoom just went zmm zmm.

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*1 This figure is based on a Mazda kilometre of 870m.

If they are going to cut and paste the article and forget to include the note, we might as well make up our own notes. Any ideas on good notes from anyone else?

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Does anyone measure fuel economy in kilometres per litre instead of litres per 100Km? And is the spelling of "liter" and "kilometer" a US English thing?

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yeah kilometers a liter is fine. the other requires too much to change to cost per kilometer for petrol. Kilometre is French I think. The modern world just spells it meter.

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no no no no no ... please dont use the word "all-new" I hate that advertising

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Kilometre is French I think. The modern world just spells it meter.


kilometre and litre are English. kilometer and liter (which the US don't even use) are bastardised American English.

I must say I never understood why most literature talks about litres/100 km when previously miles per gallon used to be the standard. kms / litre is much easier to understand.

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wait kilometre is French and the English stole the spelling and screwed up the pronunciation. The Americans just made it easier to spell for us uneducated folks. MPG works with me.

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MPG does not work in countries that use the metric system. Talking about the main subject here though, the Axela, it looks to me this model could be a tough competitor for Toyota cars. Nice job, Mazda!

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Much worser than European designed Cars and still with typical Mazda attributes (kind of cheap Volkswagen)... And no, i'm not driving a VW, Benz, BMW or Volvo here in Europe, I'm driving a Subaru Legacy SW...

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