Mazda launches special edition Axela Sport


Mazda Motor Corp on Monday launched the Axela Sport 1.5 Smart Edition in Japan. This special edition Mazda Axela (known overseas as the Mazda3) is based on the first generation Axela 15C model grade which features Mazda’s spirited 1.5-liter engine.

The special edition model comes equipped with a rear roof spoiler that adds an extra touch of sportiness. Five exterior body colors are available: Aurora Blue Mica, Sunlight Silver Metallic, Metropolitan Grey Mica, Black Mica and Crystal White Pearl Mica. Price is 1.498 million yen.

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This car sell for 3.1 million yen in my country.

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This car sell for 3.1 million yen in my country.

Mine too

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Spirited 1.5l engine yeah right. The 2.3 qualifies as spirited and the turbo is flat out fast. 555Book and JoiceRojo, you've got to be kidding that a base Axela goes for that much, wow there must be a lot of taxes or tarifs. In the US the top model turbo is around $25,000 which works out to about 2.9 million yen

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Ah sorry! I got mixed up with exchange rates.. let's see

Basic: 1,366,623.17 Yen

Grade R : 1,745,588.56 Yen

So... I was making the conversion from my currency to dollar to yen... I got it wrong... Actually it is pretty convenient hehe..

Still, I got a mazda Demio... at a bargain price of 1,047,020.75 Yen... that was before the dollar rose and the effects of the financial crisis started to show up... now the same mazda demio cost 1,236,355.77 Yen

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