Mazda sees growth with lean gas engines, not EVs

By Yuri Kageyama

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Thats too Bad too hear Mazda....If I bought a new car today I would get a EV, it just makes more sense and so much better for the Environment. If you flood the market with EV people have no choice and make the right choice for a less co2 future. I hope Mazada does not have big money in Oil.

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If Mazda reckon they can get the same mileage as a hybrid vehicle without going hybrid, then why not? The price will be competitive so they can aim for expanding markets. This high compression fuel efficient engine makes sense economically.

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Its common sense. The current and imminent crop of electric and hybrid vehicles do little to reduce vehicle lifetime CO2 emissions.

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Hybrid is complicated, cumbersom, expensive, unnatural. A14:1 gas engine is a deisel having gas engine's niceties. When coupled with some minimum storage battery and a generator-motor unit for assisting spout acceleration, the thing could be the future of automobile.

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making high-efficient motors and high-capacity batteries for cars including mining the rare earth metals to produce them, disposing them in large quantities when the cars are to be scrapped, will contribute more damage to the environment than gasoline or diesel engine.

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