McDonald's eyes speedy ramp-up to 50,000 restaurants worldwide by 2027


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Would the world be better off with more McDonald's restaurants? Definitely not, in my humble opinion.

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They certainly need a lot more in Japan. The Japanese absolutely love McD's!

The drive-in one where I live is often backed up a couple of blocks of waiting cars, totally blocking the left lane of a 4-lane major road. If you're on foot and want lunch there, expect to wait in line for 15 or 20 minutes, sometimes even outside of lunch hours. I see line ups at the various McDonalds I walk past. Definately not enough supply to meet Japan's huge demand.

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I guess they decided since October to grow full steam ahead, despite some lingering doubt about cost of living pressures along with lack of traffic growth at existing locations. They have to know that the $ 50,000 and under customer is (arguably) their most important US customer, and that further inflationary pressures will mean fewer trips to a Gold Arch that raises prices. Plus people have been removing the mobile app once they laid eyes on the revised terms and conditions, and notice how their data is being used for advertising (such as liability in cases of injury or app data malfunctions, a thing that ordinarily you wouldn't expect to find, in a fast food app; and who wouldn't blame them?). But, as many large capitalized companies will tell you, there is no problem too big that you cannot expand and grow yourself out of, right?

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Agree 100% with @Asiaman7

Along with a whole raft of exports that are contributing to worlds decline in health (Coke, war, overthrowing democratically elected leaders, Krispy Kream, violence, weapons of war), they want to further this cultural imperialism!

The world would much better off without more plastic fat burgers.

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If at least offers a decent burger..

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I certainly hope their food is better in other countries than the U.S. where it is absolute garbage.

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It's not food.

Repulsive trash yes.

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They call them restaurants? Seriously?

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Surprisingly my interactions with McD in Japan and the US have been very good recently. In the states you can for example get coffee for a buck and sit as long as you want with free AI and a toilet. Japan has great service and consistent quality. On the other hand my experiences at Burger King have been awful and the brand has been gutted with consistently bad quality with all times I ordered a burger it not being made fresh.

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Would the world be better off with more McDonald's restaurants? Definitely not, in my humble opinion.

Well, MD is a great place for kids to hangout and do their homework, socialize, it has done an excellent job at that.

It's not food.

Repulsive trash yes

Maybe for you, it’s food, maybe not healthy or to your tastebuds, but for millions of people it is, that is why they’re expanding and even people that don’t like it, bad mouth it sometimes go, it’s the most successful fast food from the planet-period. Now it also depends where and which MD you go to. I personally think that South Korea MD is by far way better in quality in taste and presentation, I find Japan to be the absolute worse MD on the planet, it’s like as if their marketing director doesn’t care or put any effort in to creating a decent tasting burger. I’m not a huge fan, but I do like their breakfasts and Apple pie (US version) but that’s about it, even the fries in Japan MD are just horrible, but taste is subjective. Maybe Japan should put more effort into making an enjoyable burger one day. There are better places that serve better burgers.

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I meant free wifi!

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Please don’t deceive yourself that these restaurants serve food-they don’t!

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