McDonald's Japan hit by more nugget woes


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Well, vinyl is better than old meat....

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Chicken nugget is so easy to make at home, buy chicken, put them in a food processor with salt and pepper, grab the meat with a spoon, shape it up and dip it in the fryer. The time saved by buying a ready made chicken nugget is not worth all the problems and the added chemicals associated to it.

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First ingredient listed on the chicken nugget is white boneless chicken but a closer look states made with not made of so there's no way of knowing what percentage of the whole nugget is actually chicken. Instead make your own nuggets at home. First cut chicken breast in cubes, Next season with lemon, pepper, vinegar, hot sauce, cumin, coriander or any condiment you like. Then cover with plain yogurt all over. After that cover with bread crumbs. Finally fry, eat and enjoy. It's healthy and you know what you are eating.

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Another reason not to eat fast food!

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Vinyl? Can't we just say "plastic"?

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The less you know the better. Home cooking is best!

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More nugget woes and the chicken now comes from Thailand. If you buy cheap, you get cheap and less quality control.

Laughed at their recent potato shortage too, at the same time the local burger gave small fries away for free.

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Last year I found a piece of vinyl in cotton candy from a famous 'no brand' store. They investigated and found it was part of a glove used at the factory. I wonder if that's also what happened here?

I didn't think it was a big deal but I made the complaint thinking it would lead to lots of freebies... but apparently they didn't think it was a big deal either. I was sent a free handkerchief worth 500 yen.

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What's in a Chicken McNugget, at least in the US:

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They will probably follow it up with another 50 commercials introducing new products to take your mind of this problem.

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At least it wasn't glass! It has been found in mcnuggets !

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Alternatives : eat sushis or try to home cook your chicken with dairy cream and mushrooms (Normandy style scallop) :-)

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McDonalds is a fine purveyor of cheap food from 3rd world countries Pay your cheap price for low quality food-is it any wonder their shares are falling?

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It has long been know that fast food companies put silicone plastic in their products. Dominoes Pizza Hut all do the same McCdonslds just got caught though they already have long ago admitted to it. Kirin can coffee has silicone to. Read labels sheeple!

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