McDonald's Japan rations french fries due to strikes on U.S. West Coast


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eat somewhere else

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Greedy Ass dock workers, aren't you over paid enough? I declare today kick a dock worker in the Nutz day.

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Good,stay healthy.

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you can still buy multiple small portions, just not a large.

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@Strangerland: Seriously? Damn, that sucks.. Love Maccas fries..

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Whether it be fries or butter when relying supply soley on import put you in a vualnable position at the mercy of the exporting nation whether it be at the production level or logistics.

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No less an authority than the U.S. Potato Board says it's "----- port delays"!

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Japan already grows its own potatoes. It should grow more commercially.

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Well I hardly think anyone will starve because of the great French Fry and butter shortages of 2014.

Tokyo was the scene of rice riots less than 100 years ago (in 1919). Japan's overall food self-suffiency is below 40 percent. Climate change, political instability, disease, pollution of the oceans, overfishing and breaks in the distribution chain (like labor problems at ports) may someday come together and create a "perfect storm." Of course when that happens, nobody will be spared.

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But MosBurger is okay, right? Please tell me the Mos is well-stocked with fries!

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So what's the deal, you're just getting less fries in the boxes? Or you can't buy large, etc.?

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Can't buy medium and large, only small. Sets that previously came with a medium will now come with a small (and a price discount) and cannot be upgraded to a larger size of fries.

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We can buy as many small portions as we'd like. The problem is that it costs more than medium size.

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Rationing first butter now potatoes Abenomics is really working, the farming system in Japan is so inept it can't grow potatoes or supply butter? Think there might be a problem, but who can fix it? Last time I checked Japan was not at War and was a first world nation, now we have rationing?

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Rationing first butter now potatoes Abenomics is really working

And just how is Japan's policy suppose to control a work slow down in a foriegn country?

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youll find that french fies are way more tastier if you make your own.

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Well I hardly think anyone will starve because of the great French Fry and butter shortages of 2014.

Let us be happy we have these first world problems. Also, McD's is deadly any way. Perhaps it will lead to folks making healthier options.

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And the arteries of people around the world and in Japan can breathe a sigh of relief!

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Second, there is no food shortage here, just a shortage of fries and butter.

Yup, just two of the four food groups.

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Harsh times. Let's hope the airlifts succeed and we're not three french fry deficient happy meals away from anarchy.

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... Are there even any potatoes in McDonalds "French fries"? I ask because they are not actually solid potato, being made of some sort of reconstituted starch with a stabilizer added. The label doesn't say fried potatoes. Have you ever seen an "eye" or other natural potato shape in your McDonalds French fry?

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Oh, my a shortage of soggy slop fries at McD due to a strike in the USA.

I think they are as much potato as Pringles, give me some proper fries even if it would cost a tad more. I stick with Mos and Burger King as they also got Onion Fries.

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Should be proper chips anyway, not those tasteless twigs known as 'fries'... nice chip shop style chips. Yum. (And for American readers, I mean UK chips... not your potato chips... which we call 'crisps')

Anyway... never really liked those fries. Tasteless lengths of plastic.

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I avoid things that are bad for me, one of which is eating the stuff that passes for food at McDonalds. their French fries are a terrible thing to eat and should be avioded by all.

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Does that explain how Abenomics has helped to create the McDonalds' french fries shortage?

No. But I'm amazed at the lengths people go through to blame this 'shortage' on Abenomics when it's simply a slowdown (half work strike) of dock workers at PNW ports where movement of ocean containers are at snails pace both inbound and outbound.

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their French fries are a terrible thing to eat and should be avioded by all.

Listen to falseflagsteve, he knows what is best for everyone.

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