McDonald's Japan to put big-sized fries back on the menu from Jan 5


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Not going to save them. How about offering healthy alternative chicken sandwiches, skinless and burgers with whole wheat buns, veggie sticks, more salads, baked apple pies instead of fried, there are many things and a lot of room for improvement, large fries is sadly NOT an improvement.

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Nice one, Farmboy.

I wonder how much potato there is in them?

Probably not much.

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Some people don't like big wedge cuts, not everyone is into big potatoes, nothing wrong with it.

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McDees is a fast food joint that doesn't actually sell food (at least not in the real sense).

All it sells is disease.

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Not going to save them.

Save them from what?

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OMG, FINALLY! Now, we can all REST easy.

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Thanks McDonalds! Let's help promote obesity! What a great company. Morals and values surpassed only by KFC, Lotteria, Mr. Donuts, Wendy's, Burger King etal! Bravo!

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Some people don't like big wedge cuts wedge cuts with 100% potatoes lightly fried in cholestrol free Canola or Olive oil is the best way to eat chips, french fries are mostly oil with very little potatoe

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I can loving it again.

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Hey that is great... now I can have some GMO fries with a cigarette at McDonalds

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Why stop there? Why not add the Fat-Ass option (see the MadTV sketch).

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When I eat fried potatoes, I want to taste potatoes. Mos burger rocks for that.

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McDonalds rock

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What makes those French fries so delicious. I mean all the people I know love them, not just like them. Is there anyone who doesn't like eating French fries? I don't know people that don't like them. But if you do, tell me.

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When I am in Tokyo I'll just continue going to Malins thanks. Proper British thick cut chips from there.

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It all depends on how you grew up and what you like to eat, simple as that, some people like thick chunky potato wedges and some like skinny fries, NO wrong or right, just what you like. When I'm in the states, love eating fresh cut on the spot sliced thin fries at "In n' Out" a thousand times better than Miki D's with loads of ketchup, but that's me.

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They wouldn't be putting them back if people weren't ordering them.

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phew Another catastrophe just barely averted.

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