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McDonald’s offering free small fries for job applicants


Good news for anyone who’s out of money and food! From now until May 13, anyone in Japan who applies for a job and gets an interview at McDonald's will receive a complimentary small order of fries.

Okay, by now you’ve probably recovered from the shock of this amazing news. According to their recent banner ad which reads “Let’s get started. McCrew: Until 5/13 all interviewees will receive a present of a free small fries,” this is no joke.

Like I was, you may be in denial that such a fantastic offer exists. That’s why I had to call my local Mickey D’s myself to confirm the news.

“Absolutely we are having the free small fry campaign. However, we can’t confirm that all franchises in Japan are participating or not.” (McDonald’s employee)

It’s a stunning move that has rocked the fast food industry to its very foundation. Employment analysts are predicting a massive influx of Rhodes scholars drawn in by those undeniably delicious salty snacks in the smallest portion designated by McDonald’s typically served to children under 5.

McDonald’s also seems brashly unconcerned that job candidates may leverage the free fries for a more highly paid position in a Burger King drive-through.

Worse yet, some dishonest candidates may travel to McDonald’s; fill out and submit an application form; wait several days for a call to set up and interview; wait for the interview; then go through the hour-long interview where they receive their free order of fries. As they walk out of the interview clutching their golden brown present in the palm of only one hand they think to themselves “Suckers! I never wanted to work there. I just wanted the fries! Hahaha!”

Of course, people on the internet have chimed in with their negative comments like “Is McDonald’s seriously going through with this campaign? Are they stupid?” and “A small fries? They could at least offer a medium.” But when it comes to smart business decisions, who are you going to trust; some strangers on the Internet or a multinational corporation who earned $27 billion last year?

Not everyone on the internet was negative about the move however. One commenter wrote “I WUSH I wud eatin dose fraiZ write now Imma aply 2day!!!1!”

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it is just a test. if you take them you fail;)

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I heard that they put the fries on the ground so that they trail into the restaurant. As you eat the fries, you get closer and closer. When you get into the restaurant they trap you in a cage and make you put on a uniform.

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I don't understand what their intension is even though it's nice to have fries for free. Probably they're gonna test relationship bet the motivation for work and the motivation for eating. Personally speaking, I don't wanna join the interview even if they provide such free coupons. It's much worth reading books in their cafe....

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I'll bet a lot of homeless will apply

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How much does McDonalds pay in Japan?

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Hmm... Maybe they want to observe the applicants eating the fries to get basic impressions about hygiene, etiquette, etc.? There used to be a high-end version of this where applicants for an executive position would be invited to a relatively luxurious dinner to observe social interaction, general knowledge and 'table manners.' Warning to executive applicants: don't put salt/pepper/sauce on the food until after tasting it! That would indicate that you do things based on habit rather than appraisal of the actual taste of the food you are about to eat. Not a good way for executives to do things, but maybe ok for the 'small fry' who apply to McDonald's...

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Employment analysts are predicting a massive influx of Rhodes scholars drawn in by those undeniably delicious salty snacks in the smallest portion designated by McDonald’s typically served to children under 5.

Or by semi-intelligent people who know that S fries are more than enough, and aren't suckered into obesity. Oops. Sorry, I'm being as condescending as the author - shame on me.

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I realize this is a parody of a real news story but I wish the anonymous author would have answered the question of why McDonald's is tempting the nation of unemployed with free fries just for applying. Is there a serious lack of employees or did they just want a half-funny article written about them for the free advertising?

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The impression I come away with is, 'We have to pay people to eat our fries'.....

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Probably ask for your Facebook password.

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Yes as borscht has mentioned! But you have to be interviewed to get the delectable little treat ! And sure everything is about branding stuff! I think people need more stuff! And to get a head start in life, the regiment of becoming a stuff user and a stuffer of fries seems a worthy lifelong dream for everyone! If they would just throw in one of those miniature Ice Cream cones...

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If you prove that you can eat that c**p maybe you can make it and sell it too?

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I don't know about the rest of you, but an hour of my time is worth a lot more than a 80 Yen packet of fries.

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people coming to eat small fries can be employed with cheapest salary. however this isnt bad idea for raising employment rate in japan... hope not only homelesses will come.

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Thats what I call pushing the boat out..... a small fries. McDonalds as generous Philanthropists doesnt seem very convincing to me, they are the Pol Pot of healthy nutrition

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Getting hungry here just reading the comments...

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What a joke

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just a cheap advertising gimmick that has obviously generated alot of P/R far worth more than the fries. And just another attempt to try and turn Japan into a fastfood nation like the U.S. where obesity is rampant... where food quality and nutrition is simply that, fast food junk.

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Hummmm... wonder if the fries will become part of the "Healthy menu"? and how fast can one eat fast food? hahaha

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LOL..................... I haven't laughed this much in a while... thanks Japan Today for posting crazy and stupid articles. My thing is... why a small fry? How about a L size. What they don't want to loose to much money with ALL the young people rushing to apply to McDonalds?.

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Roll up, roll up!

Come and get your free cholesterol ersatz fried potato-like fast food filth!

Guaranteed 100% unpolluted by anything in nature.

It's free!

Although, whenever Americans use the word free these days, there's always a catch to it!

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

I laughed til I cried at this headline!

And then I laughed and cried some more when I read:

"Employment analysts are predicting a massive influx of Rhodes scholars"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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