Meiji Dairies to raise butter prices in May


Meiji Dairies Corp said Wednesday it will raise retail prices of eight products including butter and cheese on May 1 due to rising raw material costs. The products' prices will be raised by 6.7-8.6%, the first hikes since their introduction, said Meiji Dairies, the third largest butter maker in Japan.

The company's rivals, market leader Snow Brand Milk Products Co, second-ranked Yotsuba Inc and fourth-ranked Morinaga Milk Industry Co, have already announced price hikes.

The move by Meiji Dairies reflects rising raw materials costs as higher cattle feed costs lifted prices of domestic milk by 8% and those of cheese by 24%, starting with April shipments.


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All due to biofuel, right? Lets burn all of our crops to fuel our SUVs, then complain that it's too expensive to produce food since all their crops are used up on biofuel. Nice job! As if butter wasn't already rediculously expensive in this country.

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The prices of dairy products have been on the upswing at the different supermarkets I go to for some time now. This will just make things worse.

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I guess it's the biofuel plus the cost of gasoline. Both having the same common root: oil. I think there is a war somewhere, not sure :)

In the research community (both scientific and economic) there's been some debate about biofuel. The conclusion is only one: not viable.

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Business of any kind whether oil or food,they only want to make good money. Look at crude oil prices, they the business class/Opec/Oil companies just love to make people pay.

They only way to solve these woes is to reduce price for sea transport of food in bulk globally via super tankers. There must be crackdowns on hoardings/dumpings/bio fuel use of food.

All agricultural nations must try to increase farming areas and tonnage of food produced.

Dumping of food should be stopped/reduced by making sea transport costs lower for farmers to export.

Nations that can be self sufficient in food should do so.

Global nations/WTO/UN/others must team up to help build food surplus via reductions in the sea transport bills until food prices stabilise to proper logical prices for the world people.

All taxes for food export should removed temporarily globally until prices go back to past levels.

We should not waste our resources too much on unnecessary cars/machines/planes/arms/weapons, we cannot eat these non food things can we.

There enough food for everyone and how many plates can a person eat. The more plates a person eats,the more he gets diseases from obesity/over eating.

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