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Meiji Dairies to raise cheese, margarine prices again


Meiji Dairies Corp said Thursday it will raise the prices of its cheese and margarine products on Sept 1. The prices of 42 items will be either raised or kept unchanged with reduced volumes. The price hikes will range from 3% to 20%.

The prices of most of the products involved were previously raised in March. The company decided on the fresh round of increases due to surges in the prices of imported cheese and raw milk, a key raw material.


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westurn, it's sad but true. the consumer rolls over and shows it's belly again

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"The price hikes will range from 3-20%"

This is nothing compared to the price hikes going on in Zimbabwe.

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Japanese consumers continue to get fleeced by every domestic market imaginable ! Dairy, meat, fish, fruit, etc. Farmers have logged onto a gold mine here and they aint lettin up ! Imagine $5.00 for a cube of butter !!! Hell the same product, twice the size, sells for a couple of bucks stateside ! This is simply amazing. And why the J gov hasn't stepped in to put a stop to it ??? Mystery of the century ! In a nutshell, this is what is so wrong with Japanese culture... think about it a bit before responding ! The silence, the bullying, the lies, deceit, honne/tatemae... all made in Japan ! Enjoy yer lifestyle Japan, you've earned it !

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More woes coming, in higher cheese and margarine prices. Japan need to buy up more shares in global agro and dairy companies.

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Raise it all they like, just buy another brand or make your own. The myth that milk is good for you is one of the biggest cons in history so I never buy it anyway.

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Importing cheese? From where? The cheese there tastes like plastic. I agree that they need to focus on local production. Still, the meiji milk is yeeecchh!

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Why don't they put some effort in increasing local production. Imports are of course increasingly more expensive due to high transportation costs.

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Well it looks like the joke's on them - I stopped buying their crappy products after they simultaneously raised prices and reduced portion size the first time around.

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I LOVE the oil crisis! It gave everyone a great excuse to arbitrarily raise the price of EVERYTHING. Those cows guzzle so much crude oil that cheese prices are just forced to go up.

I also like how cheese and raw milk are considered raw materials, like iron and ore found deep within the earth. Those poor cheese excavators...

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