BMW grabs U.S. luxury car crown; Toyota's Lexus 3rd


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The key is, it's not an UAW car!

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It's a shame LEXUS is slipping a bit - but with some new products such as more hybrid cars, they will be back dominating the Germans in a few years. If I drove, I'd want a LEXUS!

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This report seems totally wrong. Bloomberg is reporting the opposite. BMW sold 2715 more cars then MB.

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Sorry to say... but here in California, USA.... a BMW is known as a "Poor man's Mercedes"..... if you have the money.. but a Benz or Lexus.. but not BMW.... Poor people trying to pretend they are rich = Buy a BMW

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What about Cadillac?

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I am not surprised. BMW and Mercedes Benz have been around a bit longer than Toyota. The latter has made huge strides forward, but the Lexus still lacks the aura and prestige that the high end German competitor models have.

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