Metropolis magazine publisher Crisscross KK acquires Kansai Scene


Crisscross KK, (CCKK), publisher of Metropolis, Japan's most widely read English publication, has entered into an agreement with Nihon Papers KK to acquire Kansai Scene, the premier English magazine in Kansai. This acquisition is a key part of Metropolis' nationwide expansion, further consolidating its position as "Japan's Number One English Magazine."

First published in 1994 as a black-and-white classifieds sheet handed out on street corners in Tokyo, Metropolis is now a full-color, 72-86 page weekly city guide. It enjoys a position as the leading source of lifestyle and entertainment information for Tokyo's international community, which comprises some 150,000 English-speaking residents. The magazine also has a substantial bilingual Japanese readership, with 35,000 copies distributed through more than 1,000 points in the Kanto area, including embassies, multinational companies, music stores, and nightspots throughout Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, and Saitama.

In acquiring Kansai Scene, CCKK recognizes that magazine's strong advertising sales, leading regional reputation, and local market dominance, and believes the tie-up will provide the perfect base from which to take the Metropolis brand nationwide.

Terrie Lloyd, CEO of CCKK, said the synergies between Metropolis and Kansai Scene will contribute to the success of the two businesses. "The potential to be gained from the merger is not only sharing fantastic content between the Tokyo and Kansai regions, but also giving Metropolis a platform upon which to introduce its 'foreigner lifestyle in Japan' concept. This concept pulls together events, jobs, foreigner-friendly services, and online social media into a one-stop experience that not only foreigners, but also Japanese, can enjoy and grow from."

Kansai Scene is western Japan's most popular English-language monthly magazine, packed with 64 pages of articles, reviews, listings, and classifieds. Since May 2000, it has provided visitors and foreign residents alike with insightful, up-to-the-minute information on Kansai-focused events, sights and cultural activities, bridging that gap between the expat and local communities.

Kansai Scene enjoys a circulation of 25,000 copies per month, delivered to over 400 distribution points. It recently celebrated its 100th issue.

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"Metropolis, Japan's most widely-read English publication"

Hey, it's free, isn't it! Heh heh

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I guess Peter Horvath will be happy, Terrie will have given him a good buyout package.

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Where does G Communication figure in all this?

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thats a shame. Kansai scene used to be ok. Now we will have a mass concentration of bizarre sexual needs that need to be met instead of social needs that need to be met. I guess it gives a chance for someone else to start a good local website here in kansai.

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This sites redeeming feature is forum (sometimes). Metropolis is lame journalism and advertising, without the redeeming feature

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Pity they screwed over the original founders and never paid them.

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Anyone still reading Metropolis? I stopped over 15yrs ago, Crisscross was my 1st ISP here.

Guess I am not their target audience, even local Tower Records no longer carry it.

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Pretty sure they killed it and it went online only.... Crisscross had a 128k ISDN line and 50 modems, it wasn't fast for a reason :)

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