Midas touch: Singapore exchange touts gold to the masses

By Martin Abbugao

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How do investors know the dealers don't just have a few coins and bars of each denomination to show them, and that it's not a scam?

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A long advertorial for this service.

I trust the fact that this this is in Singapore, a well-regulated economy, but something about the way it is worded makes me feel uncomfortable.

I'm sure that you can go over to Singapore to look at some gold, but could you be looking at the same gold that everyone else is looking at? I guess there must be an audit every year to check that there gold in storage matches the customer records, but do you actually own it, or do you own a piece of paper like a bank deposit, that could be potentially worthless if the company goes bust.

Who is actually paying for the high storage costs of the gold if you buy some? Are there annual maintenance costs for storing your gold?

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always own gold.  but this type of "initiative" is generally a sign that the clever money is already in.

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GOLD still has its uses. Electronics predominantly, so at least it has a tangible value (unlike e-stuff, like bitcoin)

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whenever you see things pop up trying to sell means run away and don't buy it

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