Mitsubishi acquires stake in Brazil coffee plantation


Mitsubishi Corp has acquired a 20% stake in Ipanema Coffees plantation in order to stably supply with consumers around the world safe, aromatic, and high-quality Brazilian coffee.

Ipanema Coffees, located about 300 kilometers north of Sao Paulo, own the area of about 60 sq kms and produce annually up to 9,200 tons (which is equivalent to approximately a billion cups of coffee). The specialty coffees have been certified by organizations in the U.S., Netherlands and Italy as being environmentally friendly and emphasizing corporate social responsibility.

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What does Mitsubishi know about coffee plantations? Do they know something we don't? Are cars gonna start running on coffee? Wouldn't it be wiser to invest in a new technology that could give its struggling car division a boost? This happens way too much, especially in Japan, to common people as well, investing in a business completely out of their expertise. Anyway, I hope I'm wrong, and they are in fact up to something grand.

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Mitsubishi is involved in many industries other than car production, like heavy industries, ship buildings, heating, appliances. They would only buy into this if it thought it will produce a profit.

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