Mitsubishi Materials paid $18 mil to Chinese WWII laborers


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Finally after almost 70 years, debt is debt, no matter how long is it.

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"Labourers" or even "forced labourers" are euphemisms for slaves - the ultimate indignity a human can suffer. And they wanted to keep their compensation low key, let's say. Would Kyodo have revealed this news if it had not entered the public domain via foreign news sources? There is just compounded lack of ethics all round.

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You can bet that the fund where the money is transfer will be severely abuse with embezzlement by whoever manage it.

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This is why I refuse to touch Mitsubishi made products.

Also, regarding scandals and mismanagement, Mitsubishi has more than its fair share of present day problems too.

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As long as it's not Korea anymore! ! !

We are tired of giving Korea dozens of apologies and compensation multiple times! Just so South Korea can hate Japan even more! Find new ways to complain and ask for money! Koreans find new issues with Japan every 5 to 10 years, something new they complainan about and want money!

If this obsession of apologies and compensation needs to continue...... AT LEAST GIVE TO SOMEONE ELSE BESIDES KOREANS! No more for Koreans please! Anyone else on this planet except Korea!

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