Mitsubishi Materials reports more product data falsification


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Sad part is that there are many middle to small sized manufacturing companies here in Japan that put out incredible products, yet due to these behemoths skirting the laws the label "Made in Japan" has lost much of it's luster, and in some cases is falling back to a time when "Made in Japan" meant cheap and disposable!

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You can bet if sub-standard steel was coming into Japan it would be checked... but things born of Japan... no one seems to be checking. I like Japan... but the hypocrisy of the Japanese is boundless. They continually tout products of Japan as being superior while saying imported products are inferior. Sure they'll end up "inferior", especially when no one seems to be examining domestic production for accuracy of specifications.

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Expect an apology, plans to hold meetings to discuss an agenda to consider improvements, an explanation of regrettable actions, pledges not to do it again and again, a grey-haired old guy resigning to take up a job at a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Group for the same salary, a 10% salary deduction for 3 months. The it is all swept under the table until the next time that they are caught. Business Japan style.

Mitsubishi Group is old Japan, virtually untouchable.

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Mitsubishi should pay much more attention to innovative and green technologies, such as electric and self-driving vehicles, this is the only way for this ancient monster to survive. Focusing on retaining current profits and not investing in the future is the sure way to become extinct, beaten by younger and more innovative players on the automotive market.

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Fraud again, are these companies capable of honesty? It's a weekly story, They can't make money in a honest manner. But incapable of facing their dishonesty. Trust no one particularly global companies and definatly the government who's laxness in Oversite allows these companies to get away with fraud again, again, again, again.

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I get all your comments above however it seems these new reports are a result from Mitsubishi Materials self reporting (or the corporate office perhaps sending auditors to subsidiary companies). If this is the case I will take the "glass half-full" perspective and say this is a small step in the right direction.

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Toko-Engr that half full glass it's evopored over twenty years of stagnation. My children grandchildren deserve much more than these lies. Self reporting is great but a systemic and social problem, I'm sorry, but saying sorry is no longer good enough. Yes a small step too late too long in coming.

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Cricky - I do not disagree with your comment, however this is a small positive step is it not? If the media exposing this is resulting in companies starting to take positive action that is a good thing - I would think

If this is not seen as a positive step then you would consider Japan incapable of redemption and those of us that can should probably pack our bags and leave. (Half sarcasm and not intended to be confrontational - just a question)

Japan has many problems and has had many problems in the past. Living here a couple of decades I have been surprised on a couple of occasions seeing things change (that I did not expect to change) and change pretty radically.

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Yes I get it, you are right, it's disapointing that capital stalwarts are misleading, functionally wrong. Management are so dissociated due to their age and education. That's my point I guess or that they are just living in a reality that involves falsification and profit. Either way they get lots of money while the rest of us prop these unnamed people up. Change comes from recognition of a problem .Been here like you over a decade seen changes, They are forced more then solved Rationally.

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