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Mitsubishi Motors preparing U.S. plant closure, job cuts: Nikkei


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Mitsubishi has no credibility in the Japanese auto market so why should the Americans purchase their inferior product even when they cut their prices drastically or offer cash backs. I for one was one of the consumers taken in by Mitsubishi Motors hiding their mechanical problems to avoid massive recalls in the late 80's. My brand new Mirage lasted just 3 years and after I angrily junked it Mitsubishi was caught with their hidden defect data in one of the company lockers. Anyone remember that?

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While other Japanese automakers in USA could adopt automation technology using equipments, UAW dominated automakers in USA had to use UAW members. Tried to sell its out of dated plant in cold Illinois while others created their plants in Tx. etc where they train workers push button equipments without UAW oppositions. W/O snow, too.

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I don't know how important the UAW is in the grand scheme of things; Mitsubishi cars never gained much of a market share in the U.S. If you're not selling cars there, it doesn't pay to build cars there.

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No good for US, not good for Japan....too many jobless people find trying to get other jobs.

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@johnBecker> Union collect membership fees and pension fund that UAW invest for income of union. It was not only such union. There was Teamster union, As union opposes automation and so other automakers workers rejected UAW as they know what happened to pension fund of Teamsters pension Fund. and rumor of Jimmy Hoffa. Detroit US automakers USA had to rescue and they now happily making cars in China w/o UAW. Mitsubishi was the late ckmmer and only the Japan Inc with UAW. Some states invited M but it chode Illinois as Chicago name is more fsmiliar in Japan than KY. TENN OR TEXAS town names. It did not know the state is famous with Mafia business men who got help of Teamster Union Pension Funds.

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Mitsubishi like Suzuki, never had the scale to operate effectively in the US. You need scale, and you need to run your factories at near 100% capacity.

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Unlike Suzuki of Fuji of Mirsui, Mitsuibishi ad in USA was unattractive. Suzuki aimed toward 2nd or 3rd car buyers. M toward owners

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Mitsubishi and Subaru are the only two Japanese auto manufacturers that increased in their sales volume in the US compared to their previous year. All others went down in their sales volume. Why Mitsubishi and why now?

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Sales by Jpn inc automakers in USA

Mitsubishi down down xown

Subaru up up up

Nissan up up up

Toyota and Mazd Too many demand that it increased their Mexican factory capacity

Honda qnjoyinf new popularity

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