Mitsubishi Motors shareholders approve ouster of Ghosn

By Yuri Kageyama

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They should be clapping that Ghosn saved them from stock collapse and bankruptcy, how quickly they forget.

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To hell with Nissan, Mitsubishi & Renault

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Share-holders in Nissan are blind. If they are Japanese share-holders, they will understand that Carlos could not have done these actions by himself, he needs Japanese counter-parts to commit these action with him.If there are foreign share-holders then , these foreign share-holders are not in depth enough. The like of saikawa & his gang is still in Nissan, Yes, carlos is out but will governance be done correctly. I for one, will never buy Nissan anything again. Changing one person does not change anything. saikawa and his oyajis musty be removed to regain trust at Nissan. People without correct principles will not run any good company, no matter.

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Good, criminals don't have a place in free society. Ghosn the thief is where he belongs

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If I was Ghosn, at age 66, I would say to hell with all these companies. He has got say 10 to 15 years of life left, he should just escape from japan and with his wealth just enjoy whatever time left he is granted. Why give a damn anymore about mitsubishi/nissan,renault.?? Let me collapse.

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let them collapse!

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Island govt is ahead of whatevertimes therewill come.

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Mitsubishi was primarily an OEM company making auto engines for most of the early Korean auto companies like Kia and Hyndai. (Look under the hood of many of those Korean cars and you will see a Mitsubishi engine.) They were not heavily into a brand of their own except in the heavy industries equipment, buses, trucks and construction related vehicles. All Korean automakers benefited from Mistubishi and they still use their engines. Given that, their involvement with Nissan and Renault would have been to expand their OEM and heavy industrial vehicles and equipment business, unless they really wanted to start building up their own still unrecognized Mitsubishi brand.

Their industrial business from ships, jets to even elevators and escalators and air-conditioners in the consumer markets are much more recognized and they really did not have a need for Nissan and Renault partnership. Maybe in sharing technology, but then given the situation, they had to get out of a possible image problem and liabilities. They have a huge pocket compared to the other companies.

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I agree with Lamilly's comment, my 2004 X-trail TiL has given me aost no trouble and I'm still loath to 0art with it, but my son's recent Dualis seems more trouble prone. Unfortunately I can not consider a Nissan to replace mine now as they out that silly CVT in all models: its not for me!

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This type of actions speaks for it's self regarding Japanese operated companies. I hope the same happen to their Japanese workers working outside Japan. An eye for an eye. Good luck.

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