Mitsubishi Motors to end U.S. production


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The only plant with UAW unions working and the only Japanese car company to shut down totally.... hmmmm...

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Trump should buy it, if he really wants to save jobs.

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FizzBit, so Trump is going to buy a factory just to save a bunch of overpaid union bums? Seriously though, he would have to buy a controlling stake in Mitsubishi in order to do that.

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No, he should buy the facility, turn it into a casino, and give half the proceeds to the town. That way, he'll employ people, give to the community, and probably generate more revenue than Mitsubishi ever made!

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Yeah, because Mitsubishi, being an Asian company, only cares about profits. While Trump, a White man, truly cares about the people. Welcome to the world of the average American Liberal, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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Leave Trump out of it, he's a racist idiot. What the city of Normal, and its federal and state representatives should be doing now is trying to find the right buyer for a state-of-the-art production facility. If that doesn't work, sorry UAW.

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The only plant with UAW unions working and the only Japanese car company to shut down totally.... hmmmm...

Mitsubishi has been doing so bad in the US that there has been serious talk about them leaving the North American market.

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Are you serious? What idiot would buy a business which has less than 1% of the market? Hmmm..sound business that!!

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overpaid union bums?

Those bums are what made the middle class in the US. Have you not seen the CEO / working class pay ratio for the last 15 years? Who's over paid?

I'm no liberal. But I'm guessing you never had to work hard for your money. Welcome to the world of the out of touch international American sell out.

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Understood that his is a business decision, and Mitsubishi is in the business of making money through making cars. That said, I do hope someone buys this car plant and is able to retain its workers. Being out of a full time job is NO fun (something I've been experiencing for the past two-plus years)!

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Understood that his is a business decision

Yes, I think the company still remembers the large class action by 300 of its workers over "sexual harassment".

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Union plus Illinois (DNC controlled State) = corruption, greed, payoffs, fictitious litigation's, stolen & stash funds. No brainer that this plant is closing, happens everywhere with most companies where this combination exist. Mitsubishi opening plants in Thailand, Philippines, and 'unions'!! Just workers that want a good job at good pay in a safe environment. Profit for workers having those three factors = profit for company.

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Bad management is never the fault of the workers. It is the fault of the CEO and management including those that designed the cars for the American and European market. That is the reason they are pulling out.

CEOs and management are quick to take full credit for success of a company, but never take any credit for destroying a company, they instead will blame it on anyone else even the customers. Mitsubishi has been in trouble for years putting out vehicles people will not buy. That is not a employee problem it is lack of proper planning by management and the CEO.

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Mitsubishi doing in America what US auto-makers doing in Japan.

It's to be expected when you're selling that low.

So Mitsubishi is bypassing America, as US auto-makers are bypassing Japan, in favor of more lucrative markets in Asia.

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I've never worked hard? I forgot that everyone is born multi-lingual. I'm comfortable with English, Japanese or Mandarin, and am currently learning Russian. The American middle-class is dead and unions were the reason outsourcing even happened.

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The unions caused Mitsubishi to have only a 1% share of the U.S. market? If you say so.

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The factory makes the North American Exclusive Outlander. A charitable review said:

Acceleration with the 2.4-liter four-cylinder won't stir your soul. If you mainly drive in town, you'll find its performance adequate, but there's really not enough power here for pleasurable highway travel. Thanks to the nature of the Outlander's CVT, accelerating up to freeway speeds has the engine at high rpm for prolonged periods of time, and the resulting noises are less than appealing.

Union's didn't make the car slow, Japanese executives did. Honda and Toyota build a lot of cars in the North America but seem to be much more in touch with what the consumer wants. It's actually pretty sad because while the reviews decry the lack of power in the car they all are extremely complimentary of the build quality and interior fit. Spending $500 on a turbo for the 4-cylinder would go a long way.

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".... the automaker had decided to end production in the U.S. to focus on Asian markets."

The US consumer has already decided for Mitsubishi. Finding a Mitsubishi car is a challenge in the US. They sell way less than one percent, about 1 in 200. A good decision by Mitsubishi, focusing on Asian markets, on Japan markets.

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UAW membership fees are high and because UAW want to have its income p that it hated automation. MeCAanwhile other Japanese automakers modernized factories, computer used machineries and also robotic workers. Result is that their cars dominating US market. GM Ford deserted Mixhigan and went to China, Then M came terrible weather area. Trump is never interested in factories. oo bad motr proplr lose jobs there..

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toshiko, r u OK? you made so many spelling mistakes something serious could be happening. On the other hand, you're right in all your points.

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ebisen: I goofed when I was replacing key code memory for majority of my keys.

Back to topic, Japanese corporation usually choose famous city. Then fail,

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