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Mitsubishi to sell Dutch vehicle plant for 1 euro


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Good of Mitsubishi to sell the plant without chopping up the company and laying off employees. Hopefully those workers will keep their jobs under new management.

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Yes, I hope it continues. Quite a bit of history there with DAF, Volvo, Renault and Mitsubishi all being involved at one time or another.

However, in a sign of the times, see the article in this news section regarding Honda and DongFeng in China.

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I find it hard to believe they actually sold anything for that value, is it even legal? Money aside, nice that they kept their jobs but for how long is the new owner forced to keep them employed?

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Mitsubishi once was a huge company that provided technology to hyundai. Now, hyundai is the worlds fourth largest automaker, and mitsubishi is a tiny obscure maker that barely sells cars in the US. How far the mighty has fallen

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@Vesperto how is that illegal? the seller sets the price, giving it away would have been troublesome, that is why they sold it symbollically for that ammount.

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