Mitsubishi UFJ to ban financing for production of nuclear weapons


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However, the guidelines do not specifically ban 

business as usual..... (⌒▽⌒)

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You beat me to it...However? So not specifically banning anything

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Surprised this wasn't announced in August or late July.

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making it the first of Japan's three megabanks to explicitly ban financing for the production of atomic weapons.

So Mitsubishi is pledging not to help Iran build a bomb. I hope the Execs didn’t lose a lot of sleep coming up with that tough decision.

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There goes my summer plans!

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now there's going to be a mad rush in the last 9 days of June to get hundreds of global armageddon plans sorted!

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Admirable decision or a money lender trying to buy a humane image?

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In short,they've been financing all along.Hmmm..So much for a country thats been hit.

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I wonder how they could know. Isn't that secret defense for the countries that can make nuclear weapons ?

And many companies surely contribute without knowing. That is the principle.

Nuclear weapons are country made, not coming from a specific society plant.

PS : I learned very recently my Dad helped manually to fill one with military nuclear grade powder some 50 years ago.

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As the world rushes headlong into bonkervilke and Sabre rattling at least let’s applaud this commitment to not make anything worse than it ever is. Cynicism aside of course.

bravo Mitsubishi. Bit of smart soft power goes a long way.

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...You mean they didn't do this already? A bank in Japan of all places didn't think this was important?

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So they're basically not going to extend loans to anyone in the US/European aeronautical arms industry. I would be interested how many of these loans are currently in existence? I suspect very few.

This is pure virtue signalling. Japan doesn't have a nuclear weapons programme, which largely excludes Japanese companies being affect by this unless they are working with an overseas partner. The US and European arms industries, would in all probability, seek loans from local banks and their respective governments before going to Japanese lenders.

It has no effect on anyone, but generates positive PR for them for making the announcement.

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How noble of them to ban financing.

1 ( +1 / -0 ) Japan wants to deliver enriched uranium to Iran... End 2010 isreal security firm installed some new technology in Fukushima reactor... March 2011.that thing blew up.... Iran and isreal not best buddies for long time.... Just saying.... After Fukushima no more talks about delivering uranium to Iran.... Mhhhmmm me thinks....

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How about the coal industry?

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Virtue signalling of the highest order! Their own sister/ brother company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is one of the largest miltary builders and suppliers in Japan - airplanes, helicopters, missiles, tanks, ships, submarines, virtually everything. They are also trying to get their Mitsubishi Regional Jet ( MRJ Spacejet) off the ground too, after a string of delays, failures and changes in management.

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